Car Kulture

These days, if a car is not loaded with touch-panel controls, push-button ignition, GPS, telephone and entertainment system, even though it may get 100 mpg, it’s a loser. The more gadgets the greater its value. Steven M. Johnson, the brilliant futurist, inventor and cartoonist, started Patent Depending Press to publish his visions of a better (or rather alternative) universe. His latest book, Patent Depending: Vehicles “explores the collision and collusion of vehicles, power and needs.” In other words, if you can think of any practical purpose for a vehicle that may appear absurd on the surface, Johnson has figured out how to visualize it. With a major grant from Russian oligarchs, he might even be able to realize them too.

So, while we wait for the world’s richest to realize Johnson’s genius, here are a few of the wouldn’t-it-be-nice solutions to some of our wants and needs.


patent pending cars005


patent pending cars006


patent pending cars007


patent pending cars008


patent pending cars009


patent pending cars010


patent pending cars011


patent pending cars012




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