Design Vs. Illustration

The Printing Art was a trade journal that covered aesthetics as well as technics. And it did not shy away from a controversy either. In this 1932 issue, trouble was a-brewin’ in the fields of design and illustration.

Designers and illustrators, suggests the magazine, were at each others’ throats. Not like today, where everyone lives in creative harmony. But in the ’30s, the world was a different place.

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One thought on “Design Vs. Illustration

  1. cmkg

    Steve, this is such a great insight to design history. Though I’d have to disagree that “in the ’30s, the world was a different place”. If you read this article and just replace the designer/illustrator references with any other pair of contemporary adversarial camps (print/web, Mac/PC, InDesign/Quark, etc.) you’ll find that the article would still ring true – even in a larger arena (Republican/Democrat, for example.)
    Our topics may change, but our arguments often still have “nothing to do with the merits, relative or otherwise”. We are still hobbled in our thinking by approaching issues as having only our “own side and the wrong side of an argument.”