Designing Terrorists

More than ever terror is branded like any other business, institution, government or regime. In fact, it’s probably always been branded, just never called as such. Shields, marks, outfits—they’re all components of a branding story. For a talk I’ve given, I have selected a few such pieces. You probably know most of them, but keep in mind that even those that are illegal and punishable somehow have popularity among their followers. And with that popularity comes loyalty, and with loyalty comes a blood tie that takes—as well as leaves—blood.

So, what are vintage shields, the Jolly Roger, Runic devices, Swastikas, crosses, crosshairs, stars, bars, even the upside down tree, if not in some way emblems are used to terrorize. What does it mean when these are ideologically used to spread fear and hate? Even the heroic of these emblems suggests duality. I have not captioned them because some are ambiguous while others are obvious. You decide.


terrorist.019 terrorist.020terrorist.021 terrorist.033 terrorist.034 terrorist.037 terrorist.039 terrorist.040 terrorist.041 terrorist.042 terrorist.043 terrorist.044 terrorist.045 terrorist.046 terrorist.047 terrorist.048 terrorist.049 terrorist.050 terrorist.051 terrorist.052 terrorist.053 terrorist.055 terrorist.057 terrorist.058 terrorist.060 terrorist.062 terrorist.063 terrorist.064 terrorist.065 terrorist.066 terrorist.067 terrorist.069 terrorist.070 terrorist.071 terrorist.074 terrorist.075 terrorist.076 terrorist.077 terrorist.078 terrorist.081 terrorist.082 terrorist.083 terrorist.084 terrorist.086