Dwiggins Lives!

If nothing else, 2017 promises to be a great year for graphic design history. Starting today, the first comprehensive illustrated biography of one of the most influential and innovative designers of the 20th century, William Addison Dwiggins (1880–1956), is going on “sale” through a Kickstarter campaign launched by Letterform Archive.


01. WAD i04. Dwiggins drawing letters LfA


Dwiggins was a master calligrapher, type designer, illustrator and private press printer, and a pioneer of advertising, magazine and book design. He united the full range of applied arts into a single profession: designer. “Despite this,” notes the book’s author, Bruce Kennett, and publisher, Rob Saunders, “a comprehensive biography of Dwiggins has never been published, and too few contemporary designers and design enthusiasts are familiar with the full scope and remarkable creativity of Dwiggins’ work.”


10. Dwiggins Ticket LfA

08. Dwiggins MIM cover LfA 13. Dwiggins Petrouchka detail LfA


W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design will offer an engaging and inspiring overview of the artist’s wide-ranging creative output and lasting impact on the graphic arts. Published as the flagship volume of the Letterform Archive, this book is many things, but most of all it is proof positive that if there is any doubt about the origin theory of graphic design, Dwiggins did more to promote, diversify and integrate the graphic, typographic and printing-arts disciplines than anyone of his generation. But enough introduction (I actually provided an intro for the book): the Kickstarter page and video say and show it best.


19. Dwiggins Time Machine cover LfA 15. Dwiggins Power Print stencil studies LfA 17. Dwiggins Macy label study LfA


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