Ethnographic Branding

Years ago I found these labels for cosmetics targeted at African American men and women by Valmor Products of Chicago. I also recently stumbled on a website that gives some of the history. Vintage Powder Room: A Window Into the Past is a treasure trove of information on the history of cosmetics, including more on the Sweet Georgia Brown line. Other resources are Afrobella and The Repository of Useful Knowledge.


hair stuff 10


hair stuff 6


hair stuff 2


hair stuff 3


hair stuff 4


hair stuff 5


hair stuff 7


hair stuff 8


hair stuff 9


hair stuff 11


hair stuff 13


hair stuff 14


hair stuff 16


hair stuff 17


hair stuff


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One thought on “Ethnographic Branding

  1. Bobbi

    From the perspective of a package designer, this is fascinating stuff. The beautiful, bright colors, the charming illustrations, even the racy quality of the woman in the bath and the shirtless man being massaged by a woman. I noted a few passionate embraces as well. Maybe not so racy now, but for that era, it seems that it would have been. If I had seen these as a child, I would have coveted them and tried to draw the images. You always find something new and interesting. Thank you Steven.