Raspberries (and more) To Those In Power

Fleurs, Fruits & Légumes du Jour is a folio of caricature prints by Alfred Le Petit (1841-1909) from 1871. He was one of the great line artists and satirists of his era, and a contributor to L’Eclipse, a leading republican newspaper during the French Third Republic. He also made caricatures for the anticlerical Grelot and antiestablishment Charivari . He founded The Firecracker and Le Sans-Culotte and used the nom de plume “Corporal Alfred the Great.


The cartoons brilliantly portray as various flora mutatants many of the leading lights of France’s political and cultural scenes (as well as The Pope) at a time when censorship had been lifted and satiric art reigned. Petit is actually paying homage to Charles Phillipon, founder of Charivari, whose most famous cartoon depicts the portly King Louis Philippe progressively evolving into a pear. In these images, “Le Poir” is directly referenced in a few cartoons and serves as the inspiration for “Le Raisin,” where Henri Rochefort turns from face to grapes on the vine.

There are more hilariously acute physical transformations and below are many from the original portfolio.

fleurs010 fleurs011 fleurs012 fleurs013 fleurs014 fleurs015 fleurs016 fleurs017 fleurs018 fleurs019 fleurs020 fleurs021 fleurs022 fleurs024 fleurs026 fleurs027 fleurs028 fleurs029 fleurs030 fleurs031 fleurs032 fleurs033 fleurs034 fleurs035 fleurs036

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