And Now for a Little Song

The film and the song have been engraved into our collective memory:

The little cockroach, the little cockroach,
He likes to play up with the band
Upon the guiro, he is a hero
He’s got the fastest moving hands

The little cockroach, the little cockroach,
I saw him just the other day
I like him best when, he takes his things and
He gets his friends and moves away — ole

“La Cucaracha” verses are improvised according to the needs of the moment, but this silly little love song (?) has roots in wars between Spain and the Moors and the early 20th-century Mexican revolution. The rebel and government forces alike invented political lyrics for the song, and it has become one of the most famous tunes from Mexico.

The cockroach, the cockroach,
can’t walk anymore
because it’s lacking, because it doesn’t have
marijuana to smoke.

The cockroach just died
now they take her to be buried
among four buzzards
and a mouse as the sexton.


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