Glaser’s Ghosts

When you Google “Dylan + Glaser” you will get pages of postage stamp-sized reproductions of his famous 1966 Bob Dylan poster that was folded into Dylan’s “Greatest Hits” LP released by CBS Records. It was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s 1957 self portrait and the color palette found in Persian miniatures. Of the poster, Milton Glaser said: “The history of visual things in the world is my playpen.”



Well, perhaps the Dylan poster is not as copied or mimicked as much as Glaser’s I HEART logo, but it has been more than a playground for other artists and designers. It’d been an entire amusement park for designers and illustrators throughout the world—for decades and counting.

Why one image captures so much attention and retention is something of a mystery, particularly decades after its stylistic heyday, but there are images, like Robert Indiana’s “LOVE,” Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” and most of René Magritte’s images that have also triggered parodies, homages and dumb attempts a humor galore. Here are a few of the Glaser interpretations, including some featuring Glaser himself:


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With thanks to Mirko Ilic for his fine eyes and sensitive nose in matters of tracking.

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