Ode to Old

Finding commercial artifacts is among the designer’s—indeed, the hoarder’s—little pleasures of life. I hoard too much, and sometimes a few come to the surface that just make me smile. Today is smile day, and I’m sharing a few random items that once upon a time had some cultural relevance. Maybe they still do. And just maybe these are the things our ancestors will treasure after the earth as we know it has been covered with lava and sludge, waiting to be dug up and preserved by archeological robots.

They include Otto Soglow’s Tydol man, a metal automobile bumper attachment; a Tom Mix (my favorite cowboy) Little Big Book; and a Nabisco trademark boy in a raincoat as letter opener.





Speaking of Odes, here is mine to the Father of Graphic Design and Modern Advertising, Earnest Elmo Calkins.

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