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Getting on Base

Steven Heller talks with designer and publisher Franco Cervi about his typeface Base.


Wake Up Little Nemo, Wake Up

Steven Heller interviews Josh O'Neill about "Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream"—a multi-artist celebration of Winsor McCay's classic comic.


Trials in the Land of OZ

Steven Heller revisits "the longest obscenity trial in history"—the ordeal that Richard Neville and his comrades at OZ entered into in 1971.


African American Media

Steven Heller speaks with Bobby C. Martin Jr. about OCD's design for a new exhibition documenting the art and influence of Ebony magazine and Jet magazine.


Weekend Heller: Must-See Posters

Peter Bankov makes one poster every day. Bankov's posters are the focus of a must-see exhibition opening Dec. 2 at the Type Directors Club NYC.