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What Paper! What Ink!

Steven Heller interviews the co-founders of the beautiful Collective Quarterly—and asks why, now, they chose to invest in such an ambitious print magazine.


Happiness is Times New Roman

There is a tradition among publishers to celebrate their typefaces through notices and other means. Crowell-Collier went the extra mile for Times New Roman.


Ludwig Hohlwein’s Archetype

Mein Auto, published in 1927, is devoted to the German passion for auto racing. It is no coincidence that Hohlwein's imagery echoes the Nazi aesthetic.


The Long-Lost Lois Esquire Cover

One of the few Esquire covers created by George Lois to ever be killed was this one inspired by a James Baldwin article in the November 1970 issue.


My Hero!

Heroic illustration is the art of gesture. Here are some examples, from General George to Calvin Klein.


On the Set With Woody

In 1993, Woody Allen turned the clock in New York back to the 1920s for "Bullets Over Broadway."