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Myths America

Magazine advertising, especially in the postwar '40s and early '50s, presented the lily-white world in a neat mythic package.


Not Sick of the Debates Yet?

Meet The Contender: an electoral debate game that offers hundreds of one-liners based on real presidential quotes.


“Here Goes Nothing”

"The American Bystander" premiered in late 2015 and is packed with some of the best cartoonists, illustrators and humorists around.


Design Book Legacy

French art director Sébastien Hayez, who publishes the website Designers Books, delves into the output of Zurich-based ABC Verlag books.


A Mark for Freedom

A competition to provide the anti-Putin Open Russia movement with a new logo has been announced.


An American (Beauty) in Paris

For the first time, Barbie hits the runway in Paris at the Musée des Arts décoratifs. It's about time. Who is more representative of fashion than she?