Rules of the Road á Français

Well before the current wave of infographics, there was another way to get vital information into the users’ hands: infographics. Only it wasn’t called that. It just was. In some instances charts and graphs were de rigeur, other times a little more imagination was demanded. This piece for example:



Seemingly modest in scale and production, this little gem tells the user everything necessary for how to survive an auto trip vis a vis the signs (and rules) of the road. Yet unassuming as it might be, there is a strong concept here. Look at this diecut valise:



Those advertising artists back in the ’30s were pretty clever. When the valise is opened a foldout strip of panels takes the viewer on an information-packed journey through hill and dale, city and country, all the while explaining how road signs work. See for yourself how smart it is.


travel002travel005 travel006 travel007 travel008 travel009 travel010 travel011 travel011a travel012



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