San Francisco’s September of Love (Or Something)

As your eyes get used to the fluorescent green and purple, let’s take a trip down memory lane to the second AIGA national conference in San Francisco on Sept. 5, 1987. It was divided into three sections with as many curators, each addressing topics according to Present, Past and Future. I was curator for Past (although it was so long ago that I cannot recall the content). I forget who handled the future (which probably is past by now), but Tibor Kalman was ringmaster of the present.

Before you is the program M&Co produced for the event he called “What’s What.” Typically Tibor, the design is anti-gloss and the type is from a $1-a-word catalog. He asked that each participant provide a one-page announcement, which varied widely in form, content and ambition, just like the event itself.

Many of you may not have been born in 1987, but for those who attended, this may bring up memories of a large theater with a four-post bed on the stage, in which Tibor lay resting during each performance.

My own memories are hazier than the luminescent Simpsons paper, but this program is akin to an ancient creature encased for centuries in amber.


what's what001

Cover featuring M&Co’s favorite script typeface.

what's what012

Slipsheet with additional participants.

what's what002

Original schedule (Michael Bierut could not attend).

what's what003

Thank yous and M&Co business card.

what's what004

April Greiman’s video credits.

what's what005

Pierre Bernard, Grapus.

what's what006

Tom Strong (left) and Michael Bierut (right).

what's what007

Lucille Tenazas on Third World design.

what's what008

Roger Black on the future of magazines.

what's what009

Marc Treib on Architecture, Chee Pearlman on Tibor …

what's what010

Ralph Caplan on eschewing content.

what's what011

Hugh Aladersey-Williams on International Design.




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