Stars and Barbs

I remember the first time I saw Schindler’s List. Hard to fathom it has been 25 years. It was a cold New Year’s day. Upon leaving the theater, my face, wet with tears, turned to ice. How could anyone watch the vivid horror of the Ghetto and camp experience without feeling the same remorse? I imagined I saw others with faces shinny and wet. But I kept my eyes down. This wasn’t a film to discuss. It wasn’t a time to see others you knew.

For the 20th Anniversary presentation, Mirko Ilic, working for his friend, the Schindler producer Branko Lustig, created the poster and billboard for 8th Festival of Tolerance – Jewish Film Festival, Zagreb, Croatia.

The barbed wire is familiar, but as Ilic often does, he transforms the iconic, its purpose and meaning. This image is both eerily suggestive and demonstrative, chillingly cautionary.


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