The Original Burning Man

The Illustrated Travel Journal from Milan traveled the world over looking for adventure on land and sea. In one issue that I happened to read in a very old barbiere shop, I noticed what appeared to be a Burning Man competitor from 1915. The location of this third-world straw man is a little vague, but it is definitely not in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Yet it has the charm and fire of our native hip-fest.

In the same issue is also a feature on knife-like weaponry, including a few used for ritual sacrifice. Now, that’s not a Burning Man event, is it?


Scan 2


Scan 5



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2 thoughts on “The Original Burning Man

  1. TwoCrowPress

    I plugged the caption into Google Translate and got this: “The evil genius. During the holidays Hindu fire to Ravana, the demon”. Now that’s far from grammatically correct but the statue they are setting on fire is the 10-headed King Ravana, who is known as the demon-king for abducting Sita, Rama’s wife, and being arrogant and overly prideful.