Weekend Heller: A New Unique MA and An Old Prestigious Medal

Design Writing and Research

dc_temp_ID_email_v1Explore the unique new MA: SVA MA Design Research, Writing & Criticism chaired by Alice Twemlow is now accepting applications for Fall 2014.
Open House: Saturday, March 22. For information contact: dcrit@sva.edu

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A Medley of Medalists

AIGAMedalcolorAIGA is celebrating its centennial by awarding 24 design leaders with the prestigious AIGA Medal, the highest honor of the design profession. Representing a broad range of design disciplines including publication design, typography, motion design, branding, interaction design, service design, product design and design education, together the 2014 recipients exemplify the legacy of visual communications and the impact of design.

Information about “The AIGA Centennial Gala,” including slideshows of the Medalists’ work, is available at aiga.org/the-aiga-awards. A full list of centennial activities is available at 100.aiga.org.

Congratulations to them all (list taken from AIGA site):

Sean Adams &
Noreen Morioka
Richard Danne Alexander Isley
Charles S. Anderson Michael Donovan &
Nancye Green
Chip Kidd
Dana Arnett Stephen Doyle Michael Mabry
Kenneth Carbone &
Leslie Smolan
Louise Fili Abbott Miller
David Carson Bob Greenberg Bill Moggridge
Kyle Cooper Sylvia Harris Gael Towey
Michael Cronan Cheryl Heller Ann Willoughby


Additional Resource
The 2014 Regional Design Annual competition is still accepting entries. Put your work into the hands of creative professionals across the country and enter today.