Weekend Heller: Russian Art (Long) Before Putin

My friends at !Productive Arts! are offering for sale a wealth of Soviet (or, shall we say, pre-Putin) journals titled Life of Art (Zhizn’ iskusstva), a theater, literature, film and art weekly produced in Leningrad from 1923–1929, succeeding the newspaper of the same title.

This journal was issued by the Regional Department for Political Education and is replete with in-depth coverage of current movements and productions, mostly in Leningrad, with profiles of prominent actors and directors. Issues measure 12″x9″. The design hints at the end of the Constructivist aesthetic but continues to reflect an Avant Garde spirit.

Many issues have tipped-in supplements for the daily schedule of that week’s local theater, ballet, music and film events. The collection includes 225 of the 364 issues published. For more info, click here.









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