Weekend Heller: Packaging To Make Saliva Flow

You’ve got to drool over the brand below. Monoprix, the Woolworth of France (though its French, so much better) has some of the finest house-brand packaging I’ve seen. The customer experience, as branding folk like to call it, is for me entirely enhanced by the carnival colors and poster typography.

Agency : Havas City Paris
Concept : Cleo Charuet
Creative Director : Florence Bellisson
Art Directors : Cleo Charuet, Arnaud Deroudilhe

mono mono2 mono3 mono4 mono5 mono6 mono7


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One thought on “Weekend Heller: Packaging To Make Saliva Flow

  1. shayez

    As I use to do my shopping in Monoprix, I have to say that the success of these packaging is mostly here because of the “pun” inserted in the bottom of the lines.
    The butter is approved by the little red ridding hood, the cofee says that “you are right, tea is bad”…