Holiday Heller: Back To Design School

Face facts: Today, Labor Day, is the end of Summer. Heat and humidity will soon be a memory. Design students are going back to school (and we can look forward to Columbus Day, Halloween, election day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah). Here’s a gift idea for your favorite design student:

“Type Deck” identifies particular forms in historical periods and aesthetic contexts. Each of the fifty-four cards features a hand-drawn character, and provides insight into its historical context, design, and purpose. The collection is divided into six categories: Victorian, Arts & Crafts / Art Nouveau, Black Letter, Modern, Eclectic, and Post Modern and is a handy desk-sized resource that will add grade points to the student in your life.

I’d order not one, not two but three “Type Decks” while supplies last.

Type Deck Type Deck Type Deck Type Deck

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