Westinghouse’s ABCs

In the early 1960s Charles Eames was consultant to Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Eliot Noyes served as a design consultant and brought Paul Rand and Eames along for their respective expertise. According to the Eames website, Westinghouse originally wanted the Eames Office to produce a film about its design program. “Instead, Charles convinced them to sponsor a film showing their extensive product line,” which was far more diversified than the refrigerators, light bulbs and fans for which the company was popularly known. The resulting film was entitled Westinghouse in Alphabetical Order.

Below is an accordion flyer promoting the film. I only have the flyer and not the film itself, which was released in 1965 and includes an original score by Elmer Bernstein, but is missing from the official listing of Eames films. Anyone who knows where to get hold of it, send a note on Twitter (@thedailyheller).

westinghouse001 westinghouse002 westinghouse003 westinghouse004 westinghouse005



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