When The Sky Fell In New York

During World War II every American city and town needed to have a strong civil defense authority, especially those on the coasts, potentially in range of bombers. Although the continental U.S. was never bombed, the threat was there — “Remember Pearl Harbor” was a mantra.

Little Oscar’s First Raid by Lydia Mead, with drawings by Oscar Fabres (1942), is a rather strange cautionary guide to Civilian Defense. But it comes out of a tradition of using wit and humor as well as comic drawings to teach what and what not to do in dangerous situations. This booklet was approved by Fiorello LaGuardia, mayor of NYC until 1945, and was a popular, if user-friendly, means of staying informed. Here is an excerpt:

Civil001 Civil002 Civil003 Civil004 Civil005 Civil006 Civil007 Civil008 Civil009 Civil010 Civil011 Civil012 Civil013 Civil014 Civil015


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