When the Ukraine Was Soviet

In 1990, following the Orange Revolution, the Ukraine announced its independence from Soviet dominance. The Ukraine has among the strongest industrial economies of the former Soviet sphere, so it was a great loss for the Russians. Since independence, the Eastern (with its ethnic Russian majority) and Western portions (with its European leanings) have been at odds over whether to become more integrated into the European Union.

Last Fall, President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an association agreement with the EU triggering protests in Kiev by the opposition. Since then, violence has steadily escalated to deadly levels between government forces and “Euromaidan” supporters. Martial law is feared.

I recently found a catalog of Ukrainian political posters spanning the period after the Russian revolution until the early 1980s – some are surprisingly well known. In light of the apparent push from Russian President Putin to aid the Yanukovych government, seeing this now quaint the Ukrainian SSR-Soviet era posters seems like a deceivingly innocent moment in history.

ukraine001 ukraine001a ukraine002 ukraine003 ukraine004 ukraine005 ukraine006 ukraine007 ukraine008 ukraine009 ukraine010

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