Marinetti’s Pre-Futurism

“Poesia” magazine is the foreplay before the birth of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti’s Futurism. Look inside this publication that advocated symbolist and romantic poetry in Italy.


Watch Where You’re Going

Explore two sensational newspapers, La Tribuna from Italy (1950s) and Radar from France (1960s) that take the voyeurism of pain to its logical extreme.


Strange Adfellows

I was reading these vintage comic books the other day and realized this cognitive dissonance. The comics, which may be more adult than their targeted market of kids, each have advertisements that don’t seem to conform to the demographic.
Hey, comics lovers out there in Imprint-land, which reader of Fritzy Ritz or Fight comics do you think would order a girdle, test out kitchen knives or sample a anti-bacterial hair-preserver?


Devolution of a Symbol: The Swastika Through the Years

Of all the symbols and marks produced by ancient and modern peoples throughout the centuries, the swastika is the most contradictory. For thousands of years it was a thing of mystery that surfaced as disparate cultural iconography throughout the Near …

Command-Z, and Not Knowing Who You Are

A lot has been written about the Gap logo redesign. Many people thought it was really really bad, and some even tried to reach out and help rectify this. The Gap listened to the online community, made a couple of …

Shameless Living

I love looking at how other people live. Given the opportunity, I’d happily walk through neighborhoods at dusk, walking slowly past people’s houses, right when they turn on the lights but haven’t yet closed the curtains, taking a peek into how they had their lives …

You've Got Nothing To Learn

So I thought this was interesting. Alex Bogusky saying he’s got nothing to learn from his mistakes. “I don’t learn anything from my failures” he says. If you don’t know much about Bogusky, this is a typical bonehead statement from …

The Designer's Role in a Crisis

Architecture for Humanity Team in Haiti Copyright © Architecture for Humanity. I’m waiting for a call back from my friend Kate Stohr who’s in Haiti right now. She left me a message about helping to design a solution for the …