The Normalization of Nazi Graphics

Gleichschaltung was the process of making Germany into a “normalized” and “coordinated” Nazi state. The Nazi ethos entered every facet of German life, from the simple act of garbage disposal to the everyday tasks of printing and the graphic arts.

As shown by this 1939 Graphics Yearbook, which was not published by a Party organization, the Nazi ethos was introduced in matter-of-fact ways. Just look at the examples of printing the regalia of the SS and SA juxtaposed with advertisements for printing presses and commercial paper (which by 1943 was at a premium). And see how type styles included the presumably banished “Modern” faces alongside the Nazi sanctioned “Volk” black letter.

The banality of evil was rooted in almost every corner of the Third Reich by making it normal to affiliate the life of the citizenry with the will of the regime.
















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