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Josh Cooley Illustrates Iconic R-Rated Movie Moments

So we might be a little late to the game here, but there’s no time like the present to show off someone’s talents. Back in 2014, Josh Cooley’s name was all over the internet as fans shared the Pixar artist’s illustrations of iconic scenes from R-rated movies. They weren’t just any illustrations though. Cooley’s works...


How Mr. ZIP Changed Our Lives

The Mr. ZIP illustration appeared in many PSAs urging postal customers to use the five-digit ZIP Code that was initiated on July 1, 1963.


Lots o’ Laffs

In the '60s, Charmers greeting cards (drawn in the Nebbish style) lightly insulted the receiver while showing off the passive aggressive wit of the sender.


The Modern Masterpiece

This issue of "Die Form," the monthly magazine of the German Werkbund, was devoted to the 1930 Section Allemande.


The Times Art Director, 1916-1934

Jeff Roth, researcher extraordinaire, found this obituary for Edward Nelson Dart, former "New York Times" art director and layout man.