Design Culture

Rough, Rough, Rough

In the age of comp drawing Don May was the rough trader. He was an art and layout consultant with Hoskinson, Rohloff and Associates, and worked for dozens of national clients, including Abbot Laboratories, Hart Schaffner and Marks, Sears Roebook, and the Chicago Daily News. He was a layout machine and layout man’s layout...

Weekend Heller: Not One But Two Lustig-Cohen Exhibits

The Institute of Fine Arts at NYU Great Hall Exhibition Series will present Graphic Objects: Elaine Lustig Cohen’s Sculptural Works, a solo exhibition featuring works by artist and graphic designer Elaine Lustig Cohen. The first public display of Lustig Cohen’s sculptural reliefs and box-like sculptures, this exhibition runs in conjunction with Masterpieces and Curiosities:...

Tony Di Spigna: Fifty Years A Letterer

Veteran master letterer Tony Di Spigna has an exhibition, “Imported From Brooklyn,” now on view at The Grace Gallery organized by the Communication Design Department, New York City College of Technology, where he will be donating his archive to City Tech and it will become the department’s first permanent collection. I spoke to Douglas Davis,...

Tribal Design Mardi Gras Style

In 1993 illustrator/designer Mark Andresen was commissioned to do a group portrait of 17 of New Orleans legendary Mardi Gras Indian chiefs. The purpose was to make lithograph posters to sell with proceeds being split among the artist and participants.

Stephen Alcorn’s Face Time

Steven Alcorn and his dedication to drawing through his work on "Reflections on the Revelatory and Unifying Power of Interactive Portraiture in the Classroom," a unique program at Virginia Commonwealth University where each of his students are subject to his gaze and rendering.