Culturally-Related Design

Fonts 4 Students

Last April, type designer Peter Bilak participated in a large meeting among type designers, foundries, educators and font users, to understand the challenges of using fonts today. One things learned during this meeting was that many schools have no computer labs anymore, and therefore, they cannot acquire educational font licenses. Students are on their own when...

An Eames Immersion

At The World of Charles and Ray Eames, hundreds of the couple’s most influential works come together to form an inspiring visual adventure.

Replacing Hate with Design Advocacy

The weeks following the 2016 Presidential election saw an unprecedented rise in hate speech, hate crimes, vandalism and violence against minorities and people of color. Vicki Meloney, an Associate Professor at Kutztown University, took notice and decided to make a change, thus Replace-the-Hate was born.

Typefaces Extolling the Virtue of America

The American Edwin Hooper Denby (1873/74–1957) was an architect and member of the architectural firm, Denby and Nute, where he designed typefaces as well as structures. The pages HERE represent his "symposium" on the importance of his all cap typeface for monumental statements.

Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine Finally Shuts Up

Interview magazine has just ceased publication, not quite a half-century after it began. Here, Michael Dooley shares a 2005 review of a seven-volume set of books titles "Andy Warhol's Interview: The Crystal Ball of Pop Culture" that reads a little more like an obituary than a review.

Underground Comes Up For Air

When the marketing of the counter-culture was hot, a "subterranean" magazine in paperback form was published by none less than Signet Books (NAL), then under the ownership of the LA Times. The book reflected the turbulent 1960s and featured articles on The Black Panthers, the Vietnam War, and more.

Good Vibrations

Steven Heller has always had a soft spot in his heart for Brownjohn, Chermayeff & Geismar's vibrating typeface that was used for the Electric Circus poster.