Enrico Prampolini: Artist, Designer, Fascist


enrico_prampoliniOne of the great things about research is that it continually leads to further discoveries. Case in point: Enrico Prampolini. As part of my latest article, “Magazine Covers by Famous Artists: Dali, Picasso, Braque & More” he was included as a contributor to Broom magazine alongside those better known artists. Intrigued, I learned he has no entry in Megg’s History of Graphic Design but does have a Wiki page.

Turns out Enrico Prampolini was an Italian Futurist painter, sculptor and stage designer, born in 1894 in Modena. Regrettably, he assisted in the design of the Exhibition of the Fascist Revolution held in Rome, opened by Benito Mussolini in 1932. He worked across disciplines: graphic design, illustration, painting, 3D and was active in Aeropainting, a form of Futurism based on the experience of flight. He died in 1958 in Rome. His work is in the collection of the Guggenheim Museum.

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