Lunch Break Video: Andrew Byrom @TEDx UCLA

Andrew Byrom hates graphic design. At least that’s what he told my UCLA Extension “Exploring L.A. Design” students a few months ago. We were visiting his studio on the campus of Cal State Long Beach, where he’s a professor of Graphic Design History… so I’d like to think he doesn’t hate everything about the field.

We’d first met last year, where he presided over an Eames panel at TypeCon. Andrew’s also a type designer. Or perhaps he’s a type sculptor. Or something else. In any event, he’s currently teaching typography at UCLA Extension. He’s also working on a catalog cover for the school which, from all I’ve heard, will be difficult to classify as well. So keep an eye out for that.

Meanwhile, take a look at his TEDx presentation. And then you can try to figure out what the “h” he is.

2 thoughts on “Lunch Break Video: Andrew Byrom @TEDx UCLA

  1. melissa little

    You made my Monday with this. My Mondays are productive, not really creative – usually playing catch up. Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder that design doesn’t have to be just pixels on a screen.

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