Full Circle Press

I recently made some wedding invitations for a good friend of mine. We went to Judith at Full Circle Press in Nevada City, CA to letterpress them.

A few of the presses at Full Circle Press

Judith began working at her father’s print shop in Nevada City when she was fourteen years old. She then worked at a number of different shops in Sacramento before she started Full Circle Press in 1991. Besides being very talented and skilled at letterpress, she is also a truly delightful and wonderful person.

Judith and her apprentice at the press

I am so so happy with how the wedding invites turned out. Here are a few snippets:

Here’s a great article about Judith and Full Circle Press in the local Nevada County Paper, The Union.

3 thoughts on “Full Circle Press

  1. dave

    great pics! as a pressman for the last 20 years is nice to see this still hasnt completly dissapeared in the new digital market. this type of work has such a texture! its great!

  2. Margaret Powers

    Judith is truly an amazing Printer! She takes great pride in consistently delivering the highest quality of letterpress jobs. She has a staff that maintains her high standard–anyone lucky enough to get to spend time with Judith and Full Circle Press will never forget their experience.

    Thanks for sharing this recent project!