Get A Degree in Your PJs

Have you seen those commercials on cable promoting online distance learning featuring a pert pajama clad model who says “I love learning new things in my pajamas”? If not, here you go. “In fact,” she adds, “people learning online earn $1,000,000 more*during their lifetime.”

Dress codes have long been part of educational traditions. Yet having had to wear uniforms for a significant portion of my secondary education, I am an opponent of codes, including the pajama dress code. While I have no objection to wearing PJ bottoms to some classes, like Introduction to Philosophy or Social Anthropology, I cannot abide by this flagrant disregard of sartorial propriety. Nonetheless, $1,000,000 is a pretty good incentive. In the final analysis, PJs are a terrible thing to waste.

Question: Are these PJs? Or mismatched shorts and top?

4 thoughts on “Get A Degree in Your PJs

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  2. Erin

    All girls wear pink tank tops and polka dot shorts to bed! In the version I’ve seen (the girl with the bigger polka dots) the text scrolls through the dots on her shorts at the same time it’s scrolling through the background. Woops!