L'Enfant Graphic Designer

It is never too early to corral kids into the design world. The earlier you start, the more literate they will be. Now to help that literacy along, book producer Pamela Pease has released Design Dossier: Graphic Design for Kids (Paintbox Press, $24).

The book is a mini-class on all the aspects of graphic design, including profiles of graphic designers, each answering a few key questions about the art and craft. The book is also a wonderful tactile experience. The interviews are on flash cards, and there are pull-outs, die-cuts, and other special effects that allow the young student (I reckon 10 to 15) a chance to interact with the material.

What’s more, it’s an actual book. While this may seem arcane for children raised in the digital age, it certainly is refreshing to see that Ms. Pease does not buy into the “print is dead” myth.

Books are now available here and here.

20 thoughts on “L'Enfant Graphic Designer

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  5. Don Instone

    Just as I was about to publish my artististically masterful childrens graphic design handbook I find that someone has taken my idea and embellished it with more creative artwork, better intuitive design and incredible historic perspective!!! I tip my hat to the author, Pam Pease. Well done Pam!!!

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  7. Joshua Winata

    What a stunning piece of children’s literature! You’re right, it’s never to early to start. At Taproot Foundation, our founder Aaron Hurst has taken a similar approach in the service sector by creating a children’s book to help kids understand the value and importance of pro bono work from a young age. And yes, graphic designers are one of the professions featured in the book!

    Taproot is now running an online contest to spotlight the Pro Bono Role Model of the Year. If you know any designers (or from any other profession) who have contributed their skills for social change, you could nominate them (or yourself!) to win a free trip to New Orleans and other great prizes. You can submit your nominations here: http://www.taprootfoundation.org/about/pro_bono_role_model_of_the_year.php