Man O' Man O' Festo

The preface to Ongoing: G.V.D. Collective With: 43 Young Designers / Bruce Mau: Incomplete Manifesto for Growth states: “Graphic Design Festival Breda proudly presents . . . 43 designers in 43 posters.” These posters are “bundled” in a publication, the produced by three young designers who call themselves GVD, which stands for Guus Grijben, Vera Verberne and David Paans. They graduated from AKVjSt and took on the project of commissioning designers to interpret the 43 cantos of Bruce Mau’s 1998 manifesto. In addition to the typographically distinct images, are texts by Roos Giethoorn and me. The book was distributed at the Graphic Design Festival Breda in 2010. For more information go here or contact And here is the exhibition itself.

(Designers from below top to bottom: Julien Arts, Susanne van den Heuvel, Anton Kovit, Sinek Kaydi.)

2 thoughts on “Man O' Man O' Festo

  1. simone

    Hi Steven. Thanks for mentioning ‘ongoing’ on this blog! We’ve much appreciated your contribution.
    The Ongoing posters were on display during the 2010 festival in Breda. But the book was published just last month on the occasion of the Chaumont poster festival in France were the posters are presented again.
    Thanks again and hope it inspires US designers as much as it inspired us!