More Attractive Opposites From SVA Students

Last year on Imprint, we shared some intriguing poster designs by undergraduates at the School of Visual Arts, in New York City. They came out of Chermayeff & Geismar’s Visual Identity and Multimedia class, in which the three principals of the legendary firm—Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar, and Sagi Haviv—asked students to design conceptual “Opposites” posters. Now we’re happy to share the latest batch of posters from this class. The assignment was the same: Design a poster on the theme of opposites. The opposing concepts can be in any subject: art, politics, sports, environment, or any other issue that the students feel strongly about. “We review the concepts together and then work with the students to revise their posters to create finished pieces for their portfolios,” Haviv says. “Over the course of the intensive revision process, the students learn what it takes to create something simple and memorable. This assignment combines a strong conceptual development and a formal need for reduction. These are two skills that that are crucial for any good trademark designer.” Did the students succeed? Judge for yourself below.

Najeebah Al-Ghadban

Xavier Baldwin

Haruko Hayakawa

Robert Jencks

Yoo Jung Kang

Kathryn Lewis

Kathryn Lewis

Chia Yang Lin

Tal Shub

Jaeyoon Song

Bruce Viemeister

Stephen Winchell


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One thought on “More Attractive Opposites From SVA Students

  1. Paper Acrobat

    I think the students did succeed – but the more minimal ones featured have more impact and meaning. So the reduction theory really does work. I think these days many designs are overly complex and the message is lost. I think computers are mainly to blame – just because we can create something elaborate and crammed full of effects and visuals doesn’t mean we should. Great post by the way.