12 thoughts on “10 Logo Design Tips for Establishing Credibility

  1. donaldedwards

    The objective of every website is to fascinate peoples, and every one visits the website for a specific purpose. Procedure of creating the real users is to blend the Outcomes and Audiences process. A Web Design Company in UK supports to build a good reputation of your business. Small web design firm is different as compared to if individual are design the website for an enormous scale business .There are countless factors that companies and individuals must keep in mind while designing a creative website design.

  2. RoberRex

    No doubt the Logo is the sign brand identity & Founding brand Trustworthiness is not an easy task for the business owners without branding designers. On this difficult, designers have to take the wise decisions for designing Branding items such as Logo etc. I am also involved with branding and design agency and know the complications of logo design process.

  3. Robert E. Gibson

    If you think logo design is an easy method, that is a totally misconception. To begin with, a logo is not only some fonts, colors and fancy text put together. It is an identity of a brand, to the extent that, more often than not, a logo is more recognizable than the actual brand’s name. According to corporate branding solutions, there are billion techniques they can tell you, but, again, let’s keep your logo simple. Point is that a logo is not just a testing ground for your design and typography abilities. It is more a test of your unique and creative logo design insight and presentation sense.

  4. S Taus

    Hello! I just read all the rules but I’m not sure if the logo of my webpage gathers the rules of the post, so I’ve been trying to make it better but as a small business photocopying local I don’t know which logo could work with the company so, can you check it and opine about it?

    PD: its the same as our webpage http://legalcopyingservices.co.uk/

    Thank you.