Questioning Design

Design in Question (Lars Müller Publishers) is the biggest little book of design questions, or questions about design, that I’ve ever seen. Small but chunky, this volume, a project by Reudi Baur, Vera Baur Kockot, and the Institute Design2context ZHdK Zurich for Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, is replete with some very intelligent questions. Some of them read like answers. Here is the original project’s website.

I have a few questions, though. Why is the name of the school so long? Are the colors of the paper and lettering significant to the question? Can this many questions create a dialogue? As with Mao’s Little Red Book of quotations, I envision design students holding this high over their heads screaming their favorite queries. The answers are infinite.

4 thoughts on “Questioning Design

  1. vanderleun

    “Can this many questions create a dialogue?”
    In a word, no. This thing, and it is a “thing,” is just more designesque onanism and blather. Tedious really and the look was old when supergraphics were young.