Spanish Design Pioneers

Do you know the work of Jordi Fornas, Daniel Gil, Ricard Giralt Miracle, Roc Riera Rojas, Julián Santamaría, Enric Satué, Joan Pedragosa, or Manolo Prieto? If not, here is your opportunity to learn more about these “Graphic Pioneers of Spanish Graphic Design, 1939–1975.” A new website created and curated by Emilio Gil, the author of the Graphic Pioneers book (which I reviewed in Eye 73), is a chronicle of work by these and other Spanish designers from the 1940s through the 1970s.

Magazine cover by Enric Satué

Magazine cover by Enric Satué

Gil is the founder of Tau Diseño. A studio devoted to graphic design and corporate identity, Tau is considered a pioneer within the Spanish design and communications sector. Educated at the School of Visual Arts by Milton Glaser, James McMullan, and Ed Benguiat, Gil also studied curation at Central Saint Martins, in London.

His website adds a new dimension to the ever-growing field of international graphic design history.

Book cover by Jordi Fornas

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