The Worst Designs in the World? Welcome to "The Eddies"

"E" is for "erroneous"; "E" is for "egregious".

In the August “Rants + Raves” issue of Print (on sale now!), 11 designers dish on the things they love about the current state of design, and, juiciest of all, the things they hate. To follow up on this conversation, we thought it would be fun to set up a new forum where the design community could share similar rants. So, tell us: What do you think are the worst designs in the world?

In the spirit of unity, catharsis, and good ol’ fun, we’ve dubbed these dubious awards “The Eddies,” partly in honor of the Edsel, that clunker of a car built by Ford in 1957 and the embodiment of all that is offensive and amusing about design. (Named after Henry and Clara Ford’s only child, Edsel Bryant, almost everything that could go wrong with the vehicle did. Allegedly, the car was so horribly designed that even the hood ornament 
became a safety hazard. To read more about the abject folly that was the Edsel, click here).

But before we get to the nominations, we need to set some simple ground rules and guidelines.

  • Nominations should be from the year 2000 until the present
  • Printed pieces, packaging, products, processes—everything is fair game
  • Yes, you can nominate your friends
  • And yes, you can nominate us
  • Please send nominations to us for review and include an image and/or a link along with a reason for why you think it’s an example of poor design.

Each month we’ll tally up the most egregious offenders and then let you vote on the worst (best?) ones.

So start making your list now and be the first on your block to win an “Eddie.”

7 thoughts on “The Worst Designs in the World? Welcome to "The Eddies"

  1. urbaneGypsy

    Still pushin’ the DQ logo. Yeah, it’s been around, but I still can’t stand it. Especially those spokes-lips reminiscent of Rocky Horror. Except Rocky Horror has kitsch.

  2. Mick

    I would say the redisigned symbol for PEPSI. Man they went for the most modern style setting apart of the graphic battle with Coca-Cola. The symbol needs to read PEPSI below so you may know what it is…

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