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Finding graphic & web design inspiration for your next fabulous idea can seem daunting at times while other moments, it can flow seamlessly. Whichever end of spectrum you may find yourself, stay abreast on leading design projects and insights from design legends. Plus, mine Print’s vault of image galleries or discover the Image of the Day.

Weekend Heller: Finally, Christoph Niemann Proves His Innate Genius

[Special to the Daily Heller] Science has finally proved beyond a Neil DeGrasse Tyson-shadow-of -a-doubt that Christoph Niemann, an engagingly witty, Teutonically charming, inscrutably clever editorial, book and bathroom wall illustrator and Lego-expert, is actually a natural bone fide genius on the cosmically gifted level of Issac Newton, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein and Mel Brooks....

Pick A Card, Get A Typeface

Typefaces come in thousands of shapes, sizes, and styles; types have histories and legacies. “Type Deck” identifies particular forms in historical periods and aesthetic contexts. Each of the fifty-four cards features a hand-drawn character, and provides insight into its historical context, design, and purpose. The collection is divided into six categories: Victorian, Arts &...

Comics Speak Out

Thanks to the newly published "We Spoke Out" from Yoe Books, we now know that difficult subject matter was covered in comic books as early as 1951.

Replacing Hate with Design Advocacy

The weeks following the 2016 Presidential election saw an unprecedented rise in hate speech, hate crimes, vandalism and violence against minorities and people of color. Vicki Meloney, an Associate Professor at Kutztown University, took notice and decided to make a change, thus Replace-the-Hate was born.