A Mid-Century Modern Portfolio

Die Mappe (The Folder or The Portfolio): Deutsche Malerzeitschrift und Der Schriftenmaler (German painter and sign painter magazine), published by Verlag George D.W. Callwey, Munich, was aimed at house and office painters, wallpaper hangers and sign designers. A trade magazine of the most exquisite kind. The covers, designed in a mid-century modern style (and mostly anonymous) are as contemporary looking today as they were in 1959-1960. The magazine is as gridlocked as the covers too. But see how cleverly the designers conceptualized the theme of the magazine in the artwork.

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10 thoughts on “A Mid-Century Modern Portfolio

  1. Deidra McNatt

    Loking for some information on these publications.  I have a pile of them from 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1952, 1953, & 1954.  I have searched the internet to see if they have any resale value and have not been able to find anything.  Any information would be appreciated. 

  2. Stephen Coles

    Thanks for introducing me to these, Steven. Just snagged a bound volume of 1963 here in Berlin. The covers aren’t as interesting as these above, but the insides are full of interesting instructional articles and entertaining ads. It’s a fantastic snapshot of German design and publishing of the day.

  3. Kelly Talbott

    Is it possible to get reprints/posters of these covers? I’d love to frame and hang them in my home and office. Agree w/Paper Acrobat–wish I was working as a designer back then.

  4. wallisp

    The style really is just as fresh as design as when it was created. Thank you for this, really would like to see the insides also, to reflect on your comment. Great modern typography.

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