A New Identity

A few years ago I made the transition from all-purpose graphic designer to information designer. I have no regrets about this decision, and frequently stumble upon signposts from my bookshelf or memory that support this choice. I think that there are amazing things being done in this field every day, but so much of my inspiration comes from a time before I was a contributor to the the field. So to kick things off, I thought I would share one of these signposts… my favorite page from Tibor Kalman’s “Peverse Optimist”.

One thought on “A New Identity

  1. Brian McMullen

    I remember seeing this page and wishing Ford and Mercedes would do that to their logos. The reworked Ford logo, especially, reminds me of the year 2015 as previewed in the movie “Back to the Future II.”

    I’d love to see the New York Times adopt that apple-inclusive logotype/flag/whatever-you-callit, just for a day.