Albert Einstein’s Favorite Artist?

Dig deep enough into the Print archives, and you’ll find an array of historic names from across the field, offering a mosaic of the evolution of design and printing since 1940.

But you’ll also find a few contributors you might not have expected.

Such as, say, Albert Einstein.

Here’s a tribute Einstein wrote for Print magazine about artist Josef Scharl. It appeared in 1955—the year Einstein died. (For a larger version of the below images, just give them a click.)




E=mc2 …


So who was Scharl?

In a nutshell, the German artist (born 1896) was known for his utilization of vibrant color palettes, and drew inspiration from the impressionists he saw in France in the 30s. Scharl left his German homeland and relocated to the US after the rising Nazi party’s culture initiatives effectively banned him from painting.

Once stateside, he met up with his old contact Albert Einstein, who went on to tout his work and promote his career (and back him with funds).

Here’s a sampler of Scharl’s work, courtesy of auction house Ketterer Kunst, which has sold a number of his pieces.

Also, if anyone has any formal magazine experience naming posthumous contributing editors, do let me know.



Courtesy Ketterer Kunst


Courtesy Ketterer Kunst


Courtesy Ketterer Kunst

Bild 201

Courtesy Ketterer Kunst


Courtesy Ketterer Kunst

Bild 266

Courtesy Ketterer Kunst


Courtesy Ketterer Kunst

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