An Obscure Book Captures the “Lighter Side” of The War In Vietnam

I picked up this book years ago because I was astounded by its naïve “design” and its raw unadulterated (hardly PC) presentation of a GI’s view of the Vietnam War.  I also haven’t seen many cartoon-books done by or about Vietnam GI’s. I wouldn’t go as far as comparing it to Bill Mauldin’s “Up Front” with Willie & Joe,

the 3 books done by one time Sardi’s caricaturist Alex Gard during WWII,

or certainly anything close to what Arthur Szyk did in his “The New Order”,

but it does present a unique inside look at how some servicemen saw life during the war in Southeast Asia.

It had at least 3 printings (The Wayward Press-Tokyo) between July to October 1966. I can’t find out much at all about its author/cartoonist, Ken Melvin — he DID do another book titled “Be Nice” in 1968.

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5 thoughts on “An Obscure Book Captures the “Lighter Side” of The War In Vietnam

  1. Ian Wilson

    Hi, I am an Aussie Vietnam Vet who served attached to the 135th AHC in Vietnam. I had “Sorry ‘Bout That” for tyears and sadly lost it when I moved house last time. I would dearly love to get a copy of that book but am not a wealthy man as I am on a dissability pension in Australia. Can anyone help me please?
    Ian R Wilson
    135th AHC. Bearcat/Dong Tam RVN. 1969/1970.

  2. Andrew

    Hi J.J. – I found a copy of both Be Nice and Sorry ‘Bout That on the shelves of the used bookstore I’m temporarily working at. I can confirm that Sorry ‘Bout That had a fourth printing. Have you learned anything else about them or Wayward Press? They’re pretty fascinating.