How Do You Like Javier Bardem Apples?

Does the internet suffer from a shortage of funny pop-culture based Photoshop mashup images? No. But I have a special love for the excruciatingly pun-packed photochops of Thighs Wide Shut. Thanks, TWS, for 6+ years of excellent service so far.

Halloween costume recommendation, 2008:

Regarding Javier Bardem’s Best Supporting Actor win at the 2008 Academy Awards:

A sendup of long movie titles that is also, perhaps, the world’s lone mashup of Lane Bryant, Ford Fairlane, and Bryant Gumbel:

Regarding, sort of, the arguably similar-looking faces of Sarah-Jessica Parker and “Mitch” from Real Genius:

Kids’ book idea:

Stock-photo watermark humor:

PS: Rodney Dangerfield’s 1985 board game finally got a little respect on TWS recently. Anyone out there played this? I haven’t yet, but the package design is lovely. The title script looks like it could’ve been drawn yesterday.

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