Color Will Amaze You at Print's First Color Conference

Color ConferenceHave you registered yet for Print’s very first Color Conference? It’s happening 10/4 – 10/6 in NYC’s Art Directors Club, or you can live-stream the event from wherever you are. We’ve just extended the early-bird deadline to 9/15 – plus if you register with the code JUDE you’ll get an additional discount. Swee-eet!

We’ll be opening your eyes anew to color’s power to persuade, dazzle, lull and mesmerize you. We asked a few speakers from our stellar lineup to share their ideas, convictions and personal experiences with color. Here’s what they told us:

Lee EisemanLee Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute®:

“Color is always moving, thrilling or persuading me. It rarely troubles me, unless I see a lack of it! But color is all about context. What works in one area or situation might fall flat in another.

“I’ll be addressing two things in my talk: first, I’ll refute some of the outdated or ridiculous urban legends about color flying around the blogosphere. Second, I’ll give a glimpse at future color trends, based on our findings at the Pantone Color Institute.

Print’s Color Conference will  be a place for color-learning, color-sharing, color-communicating.  If you are a color aficionado, this conference will be a fiesta. If you’re a color junkie, the conference will be your fix!”

Leni SchwendingerLeni Schwendinger, Lighting Artist/Designer Leni Schwendinger Light Projects LTD:

“I hope the audience for my talk will come away with an understanding of the complex difference between the light and pigment primary colors and their mixing systems, which in light is additive and print; subtractive. I believe these two factors affect atmospheres and emotions in profound ways.

“Additionally, color symbolism and references used in lighting public spaces can be provocative – even controversial – I am curious to see how designers relate to these challenges.

“Long ago I identified my role on earth – it was to create pure colors in air.  In 2004, when we turned on the lights for Dreaming in Color, in Seattle the effect was so ethereal, so ultimate – color-layers suspended on monumental vertical planes — that I wondered if there was anything left for me to do in life.

“All color is relative, so all colors are fair game. I prefer to work in mutable colors that are hard to describe, but that come to life in relation to each other.

“When I lit the Laurie Anderson tour in 1984, automated lights had only just become available. I designed a minimal lighting scheme to make maximum use of the variable colors and automated focus capabilities of the lights. When the tour played Japan, we could not afford to ship the Vari-Lites. So I reproduced the entire lighting plot with the three light primaries – red, blue, green – and mixed every color intensively. The colors were pearlescent and eerie – quite unexpected.

“In my experience Print’s cross-disciplinary approach to color will be a real first.  This is a wonderful opportunity for designers who work with color to learn from each other and consider new opportunities.”

Gael ToweyGael Towey, Chief Creative and Editorial Director, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia:

“As I began putting our 20th Anniversary book proposal & special issue together, we had various ideas for how to organize it. The obvious choice was chronologically or by subject matter — but that was too expected. Organizing in a visual way, by color, speaks to the emotional connection our ideas and our editors have with our reader.

“I am married to a designer, Stephen Doyle; designers are very sensitive to color and never seem to be satisfied with what is available. When our kids were infants we bought a little farmhouse in the country with all white walls. Pretty soon we were buying quarts of paint and mixing our own colors. Eventually they became part of the Kmart line of paints.

“Color is moving and stimulating. It is very subjective and shifts as light changes seasonally and throughout the day, therefore choosing and working with color is both challenging and rewarding.”

Immerse yourself in the world of color today. Register now!

P.S. Don’t forget: if you register before 9/15 AND enter my discount code JUDE, you’ll save a total of $55 off the event price. See you there!

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