"Crazy Align" by Shake the Baron

Ricky Shabazz and the Bap Boom Boys (aka Nicolas Heller) recently directed an engagingly dramatic, smartly conceived, subtly surreal music video for Shake the Baron, a solid rock band from New York. The video, “Crazy Align,” speaks louder than my words. I urge you to watch here.

“Crazy Align” is one of the cuts on Shake the Baron’s album, Ghost Hits, “a sometimes dark LP about lost love, false friendships, and the confusion of existence,” says the band. The songs have an ambitious guitar-driven sound with big stadium-rock drums. Guitars and vocals are provided by Jon Markson and Andrew Oedel, bass and additional vocals are by Max Currier, and Matt Addison is on the drums. Hear the album here.

“Crazy Align”

Director: Nicolas Heller
Cinematographer: Clayton Combe
Producer: Ryan Baizon
Executive Producers: Rik Cordero & Thomas Winstanley
1st AD: Alex Amoling
Gaffer: Justyn Davis
1st AC: Robbie Barclay
Key Grip: Douglas Quill
Steadicam Operator: John E. Kopec
HMU: Belinda Keatts
PAs: Luke Wright & Dan Kapustinski
Editor: Nicolas Heller
VFX: Alex Amoling
Color: Michael Lawrence
Starring: Sean S. Allison & Nancy Mitchell
Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys & Three/21 Media 2012

“Crazy Align” available on the album Ghost Hits by Shake the Baron (digital release: June 12).

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