Watching Beginners

A couple of week ago, I was watching the movie “Beginners”, the amazing Mike Mills directed movie about an older man who comes out to his son after his wife of 40 years dies. Christopher Plummer stars and won a best supporting actor Oscar award last night for his work. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it, it is an incredible movie. You can also see Mills’ blog about it here.

I was watching it on demand from the comfort of my home. The son, played by Ewan MacGregor, happens to be a graphic designer and illustrator and there are drawings featured through out the movie.

I got so inspired watching the film that about 5 or ten minutes in, I grabbed a blank notebook and started drawing along to the movie. I did it live, in real time, no erasing or editing, and I didn’t stop until the movie was over. It was all done it one take.

By total coincidence, I finished the notebook as the movie ended. I drew one illustration per page, and it follows along the plot of the movie.

I asked Brent Taylor, (who photographs all my visual essays for Imprint) to videotape the actual page by page journey of the book, and we added the “Beginners” soundtrack to the little film.

I hope you like it.

Special thanks to Jacquie Parker for turning the pages so eloquently.

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4 thoughts on “Watching Beginners

  1. lisa

    I must say, Debbie always has a refreshing way of imparting the written word. I loved her earlier postings of  large type felt letters in a continual stream and now this. She’s always so out of the box and darn creative. -Wonder what she’d do with lyrics to an Adele song…(just putting it out there!)
    I haven’t seen this film yet but it’s on my short list. Heard great things about it.

  2. Mac Love

    Beautiful and sweet, Debbie. I love “he remembers me”. I’ll look forward to seeing the movie and was thrilled with Christopher Plummer’s victory and acceptance speech last night. Class act.