Go Make Cheap 'Zines and Send Them to People!

I love it when my artist buddies, or artists I’ve never met, send me their little ‘zines. They’re cheap, silly, easy, quick, and fun to send and receive. I especially love ‘zines made from a single piece of plain old paper – including the ones with a slit in the middle for folding. Nothing profound here, just a little exhortation to sit and doodle, hit the copy machine, and grab some stamps.

4 thoughts on “Go Make Cheap 'Zines and Send Them to People!

  1. Alex Beat

    This is what networking is all about. Give ’em something to hold onto and keep. People love the tactile quality of being able to flip through images as opposed to just viewing pixels on-screen. Got some great zines I’ll be sending out soon too! Neelon is dead-on with this trendy idea.