Je Suis Ici

There is nothing worse than a flea market full of junky junk. There is nothing better than a flea market full of splendid artifactual junk. My favorite of the many flea markets in Paris, where je suis ici maintenant, is full of the latter, which I illustrate here in part.

Alas, and zut alors and quelle domage, etc., the one thing I wanted to find I could not. I want one of those French navy caps with the red pom-pom on the top. I found one but it was in such bad shape even I, inveterate junkophile, could not purchase it.

Nonetheless, the rest of the stuff was magnifique. And the name of the flea is . . . Vannes.

(See Winky Dink on the Weekend Daily Heller. And Arnold Stang on Friday’s Nightly Heller)

11 thoughts on “Je Suis Ici

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  2. Catherine

    Hi – do you mean the Flea market at Vanves ?? I’ve heard a lot of nice things about this one : but as an American living in Paris for the last 25 years, and working just a couple metro stops away, I still haven’t come around to visiting it !! Will do soon though 🙂
    There is one Vannes however, but it’s in Brittany …

  3. Gina Galileo

    Thank you Steve for the post! I have wanted to go to the Parisian flea markets, and this gives a definite reason to make it to one in the future. You have to go to the used book sale in the old meat market plaza of Paris. The books you can find there are amazing.

  4. AJ

    Great post, thank you. Reminds me of a favorite find, from a flea market in Montpellier–a vintage Swiss army knife for about $8. It’s ivory-colored, with the Swiss emblem being an ivory cross on a red field. A perfect letter opener!

  5. Bren

    Love going through the old photos in european flea markets too. I talked to one trader one day and he told me they salvage the negatives from old pharmacies/photo developers and  get them reprinted, rarely are they actually prints that would have been in the possession of any of the original people.

  6. Mindy

    Antique stuff like those are very interesting to look at because they’re not something you would find anywhere. One thing that grabbed my attention are those “lost” family photographs. A little sad that someone has lost their family photos, don’t you think so? On the other hand, I’d grab those old typography letters if I were there!