Photographs by Brent Taylor. (Tune in tomorrow for a behind-the-scenes look at how these pages were created, arranged, and photographed).

8 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. Linda Knudson

    Debbie, I loved reading this. It was like dissecting thoughts in layers, and how the past conversation and memories reviberate, conflict,  and fade with the present narrative overlaying continuously. Wow!

  2. Hubert Cumberdale

    It’s as if Ms. Millman dug her hands into the living skull and dashed its contents into poetry. This is language that defies containment, words that burn to be heard–clamor on clomor–as they maze about and seek an existence beyond their prosaic forms. This is work designed to lull, to challenge, and finally, to enlighten. Ms. Millman is a wonderworker at heart.

  3. gregory nassif st. john

    very, very engaging visually and emotionally.  there is something in the story that i think is resonant in all of us.  the visual text gives life to the literal text and vice-a-versa.  i love this.

  4. Mac

    I love it Debbie!
    The layering of the narrative is a great visual effect and the way your eye jumps around the text multiplied my engagement.
    Margaret’s S  Q UE A    L is truly a joy.Thank you,Mac